About Thyme Whiskey Sour

Gone are my days of believing that whiskey sours are made with equal parts bar lime and cheap whiskey, served in a plastic cup with a straw.

Traditionally, whiskey sours are much more complex and deserve to be treated with more sophistication than I've previously granted them. (But hey, these so called "cocktails" I used to drink were cheap and did the job.)

While I enjoy the clean-cut simplicity of bourbon, lemon juice, and sugar, I thought that it's about thyme for a twist on the old classic.

With just a hint of thyme from my thyme infused simple syrup, this cocktail becomes heavenly herbaceous. Not only is this cocktail lush and savory, but the lemon juice and ice cold frothiness from the egg white cause this one to go down a little too smoothly.

About Thyme Whiskey Sour

2 oz Whiskey

1 oz Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
2 Dashes of Orange Bitters (I use Scrappy's)
1 oz Thyme Simple Syrup
1 Egg White

1 Sprig of Thyme

Pour whiskey, lemon juice, orange bitters, simple syrup, and egg white into shaker full of ice. Shake all ingredients until nice and frothy.

Strain into a short glass and garnish with a sprig of thyme. Enjoy!

Each recipe is good for one decent sized cocktail, so be sure to double ingredients because the first glass will go down oh so quickly!

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