Watermelon Mint Margarita

Nothing says summer like fresh watermelon... except of course watermelon cocktails!

If you've seen some of my other drink recipes, like this recipe for my Cilantro Jalapeno Margaritas, I won't have to tell you that I'm a big fan of tequila, and even more so a fan of margaritas!

With summer only a couple weeks away, as soon as I could get my hands on some watermelon, I knew I had to make a fun summer cocktail (and eat a few slices along the way..)

Watermelon not only adds a beautiful pink hue to this drink, but it's subtly sweet (since, it's practically water) so that it doesn't overpower the other flavours in the recipe.

Using garden fresh spearmint for the simple syrup, this gives the cocktail a fresh, minty kick reminiscent of a mojito.

The freshly squeezed lime juice adds the classic citrus touch to this cocktail, which balances the sweetness. And let's face it, it wouldn't be a margarita without a bit of lime!

Try this cocktail tonight and enjoy it all summer long!

Watermelon Mint Margarita

Per Cocktail

1 cup of Watermelon cut into cubes
2 oz Silver Tequila
1 oz Triple Sec
2 oz of freshly squeezed lime juice
1/2 oz Mint Simple Syrup
Salt or Sugar (for rimming)
1-2 Mint Leaves (for garnish)

In a cocktail shaker, muddle the watermelon until it is mostly liquid. Add tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice, and mint simple syrup. Rim a glass with salt, or if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, use white sugar. Shake ingredients until well mixed and strain into a glass filled with ice. Served garnished with a couple of mint leaves.

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